Formoline L112 – Weight Loss / Management Dietary Food Supplement

Formoline L112 (formo-lAYn) is a lipid absorbent to help reduce excess weight, help long-term weight control, and lower cholesterol intake from diet.

This video explains how Formoline L112 works:

Download the study on polyglucosamine and the   scientific studies on Formoline.

Here are more studies, click on the links for more information:

 Significant Weight Loss under formoline L112 in Overweight Patients with Type 2 Diabetes — A Multicenter Observational Study by Otto C, et al
 Fatbinder as a Weight Reducer in Patients with Moderate Obesity. A study performed at ars medicina Helsinki . August · October
 Use of Polyglucosamine and Physical Activity to Reduce Body Weight and Dyslipidemia in Moderately Overweight Subjects- Cornelli Belcaro et al
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